Reflection of Chosen Documents

As a dual Information Sciences and Technology (IST) and German major, I found it necessary to include work from both areas of study in the coursework section of this website. My The first three assignments were very long "Hausarbeiten" that I was required to write during my studies in Freiburg, Germany. These three essays are, perhaps, some of the most difficult pieces of writing I have done during my college career, due to the extraordinary amount of research required in writing these papers. The papers also needed to consist of 10-20 pages of writing which were a difficult feat to accomplish, especially in the German Language. I am incredibly proud of these pieces of writing, so I felt the need to include them in the example files.

Additionally, I have included my definition paper assignment from English 202C. I believe this was one of my best pieces of writing this semester for this technical writing class. The writing was not the most important part of this assignment, rather the styling of the pamphlet. I believe that both the writing and the style combined make this assignment one of the most creative assignments I have done for a course in a very long time. Most of my IST and German assignments are either code-based or analytic of a Film or Poem. This assignment gave me the ability to write a technical document that could be used to inform someone who is learning about what CDN's are and how they work. Because of this, I am very proud of the assignment and think it plays an intricate role in showcasing my technical writing abilities.

As time goes on I may add or remove some of these samples, as there may be more applicable work that I do that can help with my career goals and aspirations over the next several years. However, I believe these examples are very valuable and will serve as good initial content for this new website. :)